Need more information on DACA, citizenship, or other immigration matters? Check out @repdinatitus Immigration Fraud Prevention Fair, 8/8, 5-7pm at the East LV Community Center #freefood #resources #onlyinCD1#DACA

Thank you @NV_Advocates for inviting us to speak at your Sex, Politics and Cocktails event about the impacts a confirmation for Kavanaugh would have on our immigrant communities.


Help build #StudentPower in Nevada and join our #CivicEngagement team! Click for job description and how to apply:

This is something that absolutely does not belong in the constitution. See this post from our friends at the @ACLUNV for more:

My guest op ed for the @NevadaCurrent: Junk insurance plans almost killed me. Trump just made them worse. #HealthCareVoter

Black women face greater rates of school suspension, imprisonment, and police violence compared to WW -- these burdens start early & are directly tied to data like the fact that 96% of all teachers in PA are white...


Black women graduate college and participate in the labor force at the highest rate of any demographic -- but are still paid less, build less wealth, and have fewer retirement savings than their white and male counterparts. #PayBlackWomen

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