This further shows how incredibly risky it was to use three quarters of a billion dollars of public money on this project. If the tax plan passes with the change to taxing bonds, it can put the county and taxpayers on the hook for future costs besides the $750M subsidy. 3/3

Another problem for Nevada families is the new tax on subsidized stadium bonds. This is threatening the already-shaky financing scheme that I strongly opposed from the beginning. I want a stadium built but not one subsidized by the public. 2/3

The House GOP tax plan is devastating to working families, both because it raises taxes on many working Americans while jacking up healthcare premiums and reducing the number of Americans with coverage. It especially impacts young adults seeking degrees. 1/3

.@AdamLaxalt tried to keep an innocent man in jail, and is now using debunked talking points to cover it up #nvgov

Companies looking to make a profit off of Puerto Rico's misfortune will make the island uninhabitable

Shame on @AdamLaxalt for prioritizing Big Pharma over what's best for Nevada as we try to tackle the opioid crisis #nvgov

December 2nd: Community listening session on mass incarceration

Signatures collected for Nicole Cannizzaro recall in #SD06...time will tell if this one fails too #DeclineToSign #nvleg

#WaterIsLife youth screen printing workshop November 18th:

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