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DACA Rally and Press Conferences, Sept. 5th and 6th, 2017; Services Available from PLAN’s Citizenship & Immigration Program

DACA has allowed hundreds of thousands of qualified immigrant youth to gain legal protection, attend higher education, and support their families and communities. Trump is facing a September 5, 2017, deadline however, set by Texas Attorney General Paxton and other state attorneys general to end DACA or face legal action, a similar and unfortunate fate as DAPA. This is a serious threat for hundreds of thousands of young immigrants, including their friends, family members and extended communities, and it will take all of us raising our voices together to begin to turn the tide. PLAN believes that fellow Nevadans...

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Statement of Bob Fulkerson, State Director, PLAN Action – Adam Laxalt’s Basque Fry with VP Mike Pence

It’s not normal to stand up in front of a crowd of a couple thousand people and blow a damn Navy rescue whistle until being hauled off by the authorities. But this isn’t a normal gathering, and these are not normal times. It is not normal for a President to boost violent white nationalists . It is not normal for a President to threaten journalists and the press to the extent that they fear for their lives. Yet this homage to Adam Laxalt and Vice President Pence creates a normality for all of this, establishing it as a new...

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Get ready to vote YES!

  Early voting starts in Nevada on Saturday October 18th. When Progressives vote, we win, and we need Progressives out and voting, especially for two very important initiatives: Question 2: Nevada voters will soon decide whether to remove mining’s unique, 150 year-old tax protections from the state constitution and allow the Legislature to update the mining tax to reflect modern times. Passage of Question 2 won’t raise or lower the taxes that mining pays. But it will remove the special protections that no other industry in our state enjoys. Mining and their allies in the Legislature have argued over the years that it isn’t right to single them out. But mining is special, because it profits from extracting a non-renewable resource. There are a lot of people in Nevada, especially working stiffs, who can legitimately complain that the state’s regressive tax system is taking them for a ride. Can the largest, most profitable gold mining corporations in the world make that claim? Only if we let them. Vote YES on Question 2. Click here to find your early vote location  Question 3:  Big Business like The Chamber of Commerce and the Nevada mining industry are fighting tooth and nail against Question 3, also called The Education Initiative. But better schools mean better workers and attracting high-wage industries and jobs to Nevada. There is no better way to improve Nevada’s economy, help small business,...

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