How You Can Help Bring About Progressive Public Policy Change

Becoming part of the movement for social change in Nevada and the nation takes many forms. We are committed to finding just the right opportunity to fit your interests and ability, from monetary donations, to volunteerism. Here are a few of the ways in which you can make a difference right away.

Take Action by Signing Up for the PLAN Action Network

In addition to your vote, your voice is the most powerful tool in our political system. Policy decisions that impact our lives are made every day at the local, state, and federal level. Here are some additional ways in which we can work together to increase the reach and amplitude of our collective voices.

Advocacy is the tool through which we can achieve social and policy change

Sign-up today with our advocacy arm; we can't do it without you!

Make a Gift in Support of Our Work

Becoming a member through financial support of the PLAN Action Fund will help build our capacity for change in Nevada. Gifts of PLAN Action membership may also be made in honor or recognition of friends and loved ones.

Share PLAN Action in the Online Community

Stay in touch with PLAN Action on social media sites and help spread the word. You can also share the information such as blogs and publications found on this website with your friends through social media sites or emails.